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Assessment and Feedback

The group are currently working on developing assessment rubrics for peer assessment of programming and developing an ontology and architecture for technical work in undergraduate programmes.​

I am working on researching assessment and feedback practices for novice programmers. This has involved looking at ipsative assessment and other forms of assessment. ​

Ryan Crosby, PhD Student

Student Experience

I am the School’s Transition Officer and I work on marking moderation practices and also on helping students transition into Higher Education.​

Jordan Barnes, Transition Officer

I am currently developing a tool for improving student access to help during programming practicals.​

Lindsay Marshall, Professor of Educational Practice in Computing

Teaching and Tools

I am currently working on teaching non-computing graduates at MSc level. I have also been developing tools and content for programming clinics and technical boot camps for demonstrator training.​

Daniel Nesbitt, Lecturer in Computer Science

I am currently working on improving students’ metacognitive skills to transfer learning and skills from one episode of learning to another. I am also looking at new tools and technologies for implementation within our new curriculum. ​

Chris Napier, Academic Lead for Employability and Enterprise

I am particularly interested in equality and diversity in Computer Education. I look at the design of programming tools and the experience which students have when learning to program.​

Laura Heels, Lecturer in Computer Science